Saturday, August 16, 2014

Prologue - The Torment of Shadows by Toni Miranda Jones

Prologue, The Hell Within

The man lies sprawled on the shadowed asphalt, shaking. His fear captivates me; it’s so complex, yet pure instinct. There is no thought to it, but he is prey to his fear. It overrides his mind and body like a disease, shattering thoughts and leaving only instincts. Pathetic instincts that won’t protect him. Not from me.
His heart pounds fast. Loud—I can hear it. The slightly frantic beat hypnotizes me. If it were to stop, he’d die. Too fast or too slow and it would result in death. So fragile. So easy to take.
I can practically feel the blood that flows through his veins. The metallic smell that would fill the air if I let it out, the red on my fingertips. That alluring liquid is hidden below a thin layer of skin. How easy it would be to strip him of that blood, leaving behind an empty, lifeless shell. It’s amazing; so crucial to his survival, yet there is nothing except delicate flesh to protect it.
I bend down to him, knife in hand. He stares at the shimmer of the blade and swallows. He doesn’t dare move. Moving would be useless.
My fingers wrap around his wrist, my hand with the knife moves in a flash to slice through the skin of his forearm. I watch as the blood pours, released from its endless cage. His screams echo through the abandoned alley. It’s pathetic. No one will ever hear his sobs or his pleas. No one but me.
I can’t help the smile that takes over my lips.

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