Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Torment of Shadows by Toni Miranda Jones

Seventeen years of resistance and one fit of anger leaves her standing over a dead body.

The only normal Felicity Carmine has ever known are the obsessive thoughts and dreams that seem to come straight out of a horror movie. Only she’s the villain of the story.

Moving to Remedy, Washington changes everything. The fragile line that kept thoughts from reality snaps and her dream self isn’t the only murderer anymore.

On top of everything else the boy she killed has come back to life, bringing to light more lies and betrayals than could have been expected.

Now, Felicity must find out the truth about the people surrounding her—most of whom seem to have darker motives then she ever could have imagined. To make matters worse, the evil inside of her keeps rising to the surface and the not-quite-dead guy she killed seems to have nothing better to do than follow her around.

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